The barrage of the extralig begins in a week, culminating on April 22. Will Jagr get her?

At the beginning, Jihlava with Kladno and Litvinov matches with Karlovy Vary.

As in the past five years, the teams will compete four-wheeled with each other. It will be decided on Sunday, April 22, when the last 12 round is on the agenda. Although Jaromir Jagr collected the first 15 hockey games in the first hockey league, he still does not know whether he is fighting at all the highest competition his Kladno has secured will hit.

The knights on Tuesday won the 5: 2 playoff semifinal in Ceske Budejovice and won the 4: 1 match series. But Jagr, just as he had done in the previous days, only episodically. His stay on the ice could be counted for seconds.And with respect to his condition, he does not know if anything fundamental to the beginning of the barrage will improve.

Jagr continues to face the aftermath of the attack by the Cavier striker Mark Sikora, in which he resumed injuries in the right knee in mid-February meniscus.

“I do not know how it will happen to me if I can play. But at least I have such extra motivation not to end this season and continue to train. The pain did not allow me to train. My legs are weak to go into some skating and physical contacts. I would not have done that, and the chance that I would get hurt again is huge, “he told journalists in České Budějovice.

The 45-year-old striker, despite his medical condition, was smiling afterwards.He pointed out that Kladno had waited four seasons before he could start the extralis again. “I believe that it will give us (the victory in the series over České Budějovice) self-esteem,” he said.

Kladno will fight with Karlovy Vary, Jihlava and Litvínov. Jagr said his team has a certain advantage over Jihlava and Litvinov. “We played the last game, which some teams from the extraliga can not say. I believe he could kick us, “said the owner of the club of Kladno.

According to him, the Knights series with České Budějovice got through several aspects. These include, for example, teamwork. “We do not have it built on just one fifth, the team is well folded. We also felt we were physically very well, “he said.He added that Kladno also preferred the outsider position. Most experts considered the favorite of the České Budějovice series. “The boys motivated this,” he said.

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