Russian curler Krušelniki had a positive doping test

“The leadership of our delegation received an official report from the International Olympic Committee on a possible anti-doping rule violation. We will not publish the name of the athlete until sample B is opened, which we expect over the next 24 hours, “Konstantin Vybornov, spokesperson for the campaign of neutral Russian athletes, told the media.

The Arbitration Court for Sport did not want the case to be asked by AFP comment. After a positive A sample test, sample B should be opened on Monday at Krušelnický Presence. “I do not know anything about it,” quoted Curlera daily Sport-Express.

“Alexander took that medicine until 2016 before being banned. Not since then. At world championships in 2016 and 2017 he was tested and no problems were encountered.I hope this is a mistake, “said coach of Russian curlers Dimitri Melnikov.

World champions of 2016 Krušelniki and Bryzgalov beat the bronze Tuesday in the Olympic premiere of the curling mix 8: 4 Norway.

Since 2016, meldonium, which improves regeneration and stamina, is on the list of prohibited substances. Because of its use, Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has been distanced for 15 months.

Russian athletes have been excluded from the ZOH in Pchjongchang because of the systematic doping of the previous games in Sochi, but invited athletes start in Korea as neutral.The IOC has promised Russia that if it does not commit further anti-doping violations, it will be able to board its own flag and national colors at the ceremony on Sunday, February 25.

The International Olympic Committee has stated that if Krušelnický doping confirmed, it will be dealt with by a special commission for Russian athletes. “On the one hand, there is an extraordinary disappointment that the use of a prohibited substance is apparent, but it shows the effectiveness of the anti-doping system at the Olympic Games, which protects the rights of pure athletes,” said the MOV spokesman.

the case in Pyongyang was handled by the Japanese short-lane shortcut Kei Saito, who did not pass the non-competition check for the acetazolamide diuretic.It was tested before the game started, it did not hit the competitions.

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