Ranking maxima and changes. Slučka and Hermann enjoy the blast furnace

Traditionally in recent years: The beach volleyball season begins in April. But several years ago, a Florida stop at Fort Lauderdale in February was added to the world’s busy calendar. This year, the organizers did not hesitate to add a January business in the Hague.

“We had to start preparing sooner. But we are looking forward to the cycle that we have a different tournament each week, “Barbora Hermannová said at the pre-season press conference. After returning from the heated Florida, they have a match with Markéta Nausch Slová pauza for five weeks to the next tournament . Then the aforementioned merry-go-round begins.

“We will focus mainly on four-star and five-star hotels.These are priorities for us, “said Nausch Sluková, a more experienced expert. “We have about twelve in the plan,” she said.

She knows from her own experience that keeping it in the sand for eight months is almost impossible. In addition, both players admit that in the long-lasting season with several weekly downtime they also fight with psyche and motivation.

The demanding schedule is therefore divided into several cycles with camping camps abroad as well as blocks in the gym. “If there were some majors in the spring (the most prestigious five-time tournament), it would be nice,” said Nausch Sluková.

However, the Czech couple was doing well in the two opening tournaments. Fourth ended in The Hague, then overseas returned fifth. They are currently ranked fourth in the world rankings.For both volleyball players, this is a lifetime maximum. “But it’s just a number,” says Nausch Sluková.

Moreover, in the so-called Entry ranking, which takes into account the results of the current form, Hermann and Nausch Sluk are even third. It takes into account the last four of the top six results. Based on this placement, couples are then placed in the main competition or qualification.

While the Czech Beach Volleyball No. 1 is nowhere to be seen, it will be closely watched since September.

There will be another special qualifying ranking that will serve as a nomination for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.And there, Hermann and Naus Sluk certainly do not want to miss. “But there are not yet known detailed conditions,” says Simon Nausch, coach of the Czech pair.

This is the time for this year’s goals: the June tournament in Ostrava, a month later the European Championship in the Netherlands. p> “I look forward to Ostrava in particular. I think there will be a lot of friends and people, “said Hermann, who started with volleyball in Ostrava. “It will be played in Vítkovice Ironworks, which is a great space. We are curious about it, we will certainly come across a lot of friends. It will be a great atmosphere, “it looks forward to.

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