Kratěna’s foothold helped Pilsen to win, Liberec’s Will resolved Hradec

Z Kvapila becomes an extralig play off star.

With the sixth goal, he confirmed the position of the best cannon of knockout battles, with the eighth point being the lead of the productivity table.

p> Houževnatá Olomouc vs. the handsome Pilsen is an exciting spectacle. Even in the fourth quarter, the game did not change and the game offered a dramatic drama.

David Stach, who was awarded by Ondřej Kratěna in the 25th minute, decided it. The victory of Plzensky hardened into a vacant cage Tomáš Mertl.

Without Jaroslav Bednář and with the desire to correct the poor Monday’s performance.So Hradec joined the second match on Liberec’s ice. But he was weakened by the genius recorder in the offensive phase, but the domestic on the other hand quickly showed how much he could be dangerous. Lukáš Krenželok scored at the third minute, at 5:34 then he opened the score after Bakoš’s pass Tyler Redenbach.

The Canadian skillfully directed Bakoš’s pass for the passing Hradec goalkeeper of Patrik Rybár.

At 2: 0, Patrick Maier could help raise, but he beat the stick. Nevertheless, Liberec still doubled its lead in the first third, Burier pushed forward. Kvapil’s moment came after a break, in the 24th minute he overcame Rybara for the third time and drove the Slovak goalkeeper to the cross.Jaroslav Pavelka took the place in Hradecký brankovišt.

Guests could get back to the match by chance. Will almost blamed Blaze Gregorce for his back. It was a unique moment when Hradec was in jeopardy.

On the other hand, Liberec often employed Pavelka, on the promising occasion of Dominik Lakatoš.

Only in the third period Peshan’s boys were dragged and more Hradec. But the recipe for Willa was not found. Not only because of the incompetence of his shooters, but also because of the excellent performance of the Liberec goalie.

Will also flashed at 47th minute against the striker Bedrich Kohler when he kicked the concrete at the last minute.

The end of the match was high, Oskars Cibulskis, Hradecký bek, was looking for an opponent after a fist fight.Lots of hits than the missile.

These four words perfectly illustrate what the opening third of the fourth quarter was like. Olomouc continued to rely on toughness and combat, and Pilsen strengthened the defensive against the previous matches.

And so in the first twenty minutes, the only chance to see was the bigger chance. That was when Jan Káňa, after a crossing pass from a good position, took Pilsen goalie Miroslav Svoboda into his shoulder. “I tried to make a puck and shoot, but the goalkeeper was there,” he was sorry for the home striker.

Before leaving the cabin, he explained the cautious game of Olomouc: “Playing with Pilsen up is a terrible risk. >

But the guests pushed forward despite the honest defensiveness of Zdeněk Venera’s wardens.The shortening of the second third only hit the pole, but a moment later, with a clever knocking of the puck from behind the goal, he called for David Stach to score.

The player in the 25th minute scored the upper corner of Konrád’s goal and Pilsen led.

Olomouc began to play more actively, had more shots than Straka’s squad, but there were no great opportunities. In the third period, Venera attacked, Zbrojka Irglova built Peter Strapac with Jan Knotka.

The home player offered Svoboda a goal-kick when he kicked his goal in the wrong way. Olomouc did not show anything at all.Then he had to defend himself in two Pilsen powerups, but he still paid the tightest one-point difference.

The guests defended themselves during the Olomouc game without a goalkeeper, which the homewife even overtaken with an unnecessary mistake – bad alternation and punishment for too many players on the ice.

The equalization of the hock was twice Irgl, failed.

On the other hand, Mertl won the Pilsen victory. He finished in an abandoned cage, Slovak goal keeper Branislav Konrád was only watching the game.

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