Downhill? I would like to, but … Ledecká will switch to snowboard after a day off

Originally, she intended to run on the “planks” straight after the race. “But the training is canceled. They have to pick up some gold, “said Justin Reiter, American snowboard coach Ledecká.

He naturally watched the experience of a difficult class on Saturday. “That’s one hundred percent of Ester,” he said. “They all overwhelmed. The way she attacks…From the beginning to the end it was her. I can hardly be proud of it. ”

Reitera also surrounded the world’s agencies, the story of potential champions in two different sports exceeds the usual limits. “The Olympics are woven precisely from such stories,” Reitera said. He did not have to be born, the last leap of Ledecká did just so: “But she managed it.Thanks to your heart and thanks to what you can do on snowboards. ”

And we are here: Ledecká can handle both of its central skills synergistically. “I’ve definitely taken the snow on snowboarding,” she said after the golden ride. “I stood at the start and said, OK, you are here, this was your dream. Last time you were at the Olympics just on a snowboard, you’re standing on the skis. Show off the best you can. ”

Next time, it can be a lot harder – all of a sudden everyone knows what this 22-year-old Czech is capable of. “There was a lot of pressure on the girls-specialists, that’s my advantage,” she agreed.

On the other hand, the potential has been fully revealed.And alpine skiing is definitely more prestigious. “Perhaps Tomas (Bank) will console me on the congress,” Ledecká said after a medal ceremony. “If it was to me, of course I was going all. But the schedule just will not let me. It would be theoretically done, but I also owe something to snowboarding. “The idea of ​​going to the final of the race on Wednesday and joining snowboarders on Thursday is also a big sci-fi like Ledeck, which usually breaks the boundaries relatively often.

Especially when he usually needs “switching” for at least two days. “From my point of view, it is easier to move from the board to speed disciplines, because the arc is slower, swollen.In the envelope it is sweeter and finds the optimal movement pattern, it takes a while, “says physiotherapist Jakub Marek.

That’s why the STR team already planned to move from Čongson, the golden ski center towards Phoenix Snow Park, the venue for snowboard disciplines.

“We are waiting for three days of good training,” Reiter said; Sunday was supposed to be a bridging due to the unexpected duties of the previous day, Ledecká finally got her free.

She was long sleeping, having a late lunch, waiting for her work with a physiotherapist. just take a ride. Let’s go downhill, we’ll work on the technique. Because Ester obviously knows how to race. We get slowly into our routine, this is our mantra.We are looking forward to it, “Reiter said.

The Olympic champion’s passion for both her sports is virtually equivalent.

” I have been doing so for so long, so I hope I know how she does, “she said. The main triumph towards the second potentially golden race is how the “board” can shine. “By snowboarding I take the speed of skiing. I’m not afraid of it. ”

Those opponents should be afraid. Ledecká is greedy in collecting triumphs.

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