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The end of the tour in Třinec, the problem was money. Or not?

The Moravian series originally formed meetings in Hustopeče, Ostrava and Třinec. When the organizers of Hustopeče and Ostrava races from the series resigned, an international tour consisting of the Banskobystrický bar and the Beskydy Mountains in Třinec was established.

Now all the meetings continue alone. As for those in the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Ostravská laťka will be on 25th January in the athletic hall near Ostravar Arena as part of the Czech Indoor Gala and the Beskydy Mountains on January 30th at the Werk Arena in Trnka.

Why did the Thuringian organizers decide from the International tour to withdraw? “The price has been decided,” said Stanislav Sajdok, the current director of the Beskydy bar. “The budget has exceeded two million crowns.We are not an athletic section that can afford such costs. ”

Alfonz Juck, manager of International Athletic Tour, is convinced that it was not money. co-organized according to the possibilities of local athletes, according to budget, be two millionth or half, “said Juck. “Money was not the reason for our break-up. We understand this as a lack of interest in working with us without saying that we have so much and so much money at the event, and then we decide whether we will go.Such a discussion did not happen. ”

Juck pointed out that the organizing team of the Beskydy Lace is no longer its former director Zdeněk Walach. “And his successors to the joint venture did not want to,” said Alfonz Juck. “I have the impression that the Třinec no longer want the bar to be a significant international event, but rather a more local one. We are sorry because we left for ten years of our know-how. “Stanislav Sajdok says he will prepare this year for less money, but at a level similar to that of previous years. “In men, the level will be good. All except Barsim will be here, “said Sajdok. “As far as women are concerned, they will be more prospecting girls who will be at the top in a few years.”

Participation in Třinec was confirmed by the Ukrainian Andrej Procenko.His opponents include Poles Stanislaw Bednarek and nineteen-year-old Brit Tom Gale.

This year’s meeting of the Beskydy League will revive the competition of couples who will create highs and lows according to their performance – the best man with the worst woman, the second best with the other worst and so on.

Soft sand, then a ton of water and mud, Prokop described the pilgrimage of Bolivia

“It was very long with the endless soft sand in the first part. We spent about an hour and a half at one, at most two, just frighten and then another ton of water and mud in the next part of the day, “said Prokop, who lost less than 24 minutes to the fastest Carlose Sainze. The experienced Spaniard took advantage of the problems of his teammate Stéphane Peterhansela and got to the front. Prokop slightly lost in one passage of the second part of the stage when his ford “stuck” on the turf. “The whole car remained with the wheels in the air. Pole Przygonski reached us and the whole 300 kilometers to the finish, we drove him to the bumper.Although we lost three minutes in the fall, then we were careful not to let us down and stay in good shape, “MP Sports said.

The best stage result in the 40th rally has reached on Saturday, Boris Vaculík, who was 22nd and moved on to the 26th place. The third Czech in the car category Tomáš Ouředníček is missing in the results.

Martin Kolíček and Martin Macík were among the trucks in the foreground, who reached the fourth and fifth place respectively. Thus, Macik kept fourth, and his distance to Sergei Vjazovich’s third Sergeant was slightly reduced. It’s now losing 26 minutes.

“We were drifting freely, no edge. She was waiting for us to assist with no mechanic boys, so it is not necessary to destroy France.In addition, at the current altitude, the engine has less power, “said Macek before arriving at the bivouac. He has already reported that the basic maintenance of the Liaz truck will not be easy due to the amount of mud.

Colomi was also satisfied. “It was very muddy and fast. What I looked at the results so the differences were quite minimal. We lacked just a minute on the crate. We were doing well, I like the mud. Phoenix worked well, “Kolomý said.

Milan Engel, who moved into the elite thirties, continues to be the best Czech motorcyclist. After reaching the measured section, however, he was far off to his satisfaction and lost his front fender on his machine. In addition, he damaged his seat.

“It was not a good thing, as I always did.I wore the fender so the bike is completely muddy and everything is clogged. I have to go through the water and somehow correct it, “said Moto Racing Group member, who had to deal with the bivouac himself. At the marathon stage, mechanic assistance is not allowed.

Vousač Šafránek again on grandslam: The Czechs in the tennis ripen later

Even at the time of overgrown hipsters, his beard in tennis is still an exception. Thanks to him, you can easily recognize Václav Šafránka, much more to himself, but he has been drawing attention to his game lately. At 23 years of age, he was the first to be the first to be in the US Open for the first time, and he was doing the same in Australia.

“I was surprised at New York, it was quite different here,” he said of a duel with Argentinean Collarini. The first set was scored in the tie-break, and the second set was 6: 2. Done. Dobojováno. Missions completed.

Collarini are friends, often living together in tournaments. But this is no room for a friendly joke – already because of the will get $ 60,000 in Melbourne, that’s a million crowns.

“It was a great match for both of us,” says Shafranek. “We did not even talk about it. Maybe a week or two we’ll laugh at it too. ”

He’s laughing at him. After years of waiting for the second time, he will enter the most beautiful tennis arenas, in front of crowds of enthusiastic fans. “I’ll be a bit more experienced, I’m ready. For the second time it will go better than the first time, “he compares with New York (see box).

The goal is clear: to take part in these holidays on a regular basis. “The Grandslamas are completely differently valued. When it sets, it gives peace to the man.He can then afford a better preparation and a full time trainer, “he describes a positive synergy effect.

At times when almost all sports are great teenagers, his waiting up to 23 years may seem too long, but here they are counter-arguments.

Firstly, Šafránek himself did not shake it: “I felt bad after the games, but I never thought I would.” it’s not uncommon for the Czech tennis player.

“The Americans or the Americans are much better prepared for men’s tennis. They have self-esteem and a lot of support, which is also a big difference. With us, no one who comes out of juniors will get nothing; it’s hard to tighten it alone.At the age of eighteen you start to go around the futures tournaments, you are without a coach and you do not know what to do. That’s why it takes longer for the Czechs. ”

If he continues in progress, he can also get to the Davis Cup team. And who knows, perhaps to be the national leader in a few years. “The generation has changed, but there are still a lot of good young players there,” says the compatriots of Jiří Veselý or Adam Pavlásek. “Nowadays, the best of them are about thirty. We still have plenty of time. ”

And Shafrank has not been so scary lately.

The crunch around the Zina. He also manages to play the game, his father and mentor

Then restorative procedures, the way to the hotel, team dinners…My father – former Extraliga fixed star – the eighteen talent came up around midnight Czech first time and certainly used similar phrases that spewed from the press immediately after the semi-finals: “It was that life struggle. But I hope the most beautiful one will come. In the final. ”

In the way of the Czech Twenty is Canada (played on the night from Thursday to Friday at 2.00 CET). Gigant, who was doing it in preparation just before the championship scourged 0: 9.

There, however, Zadin, as well as several others, coached Peshan. Now the Forward who is ranked among the top scorers of the entire tournament will be betting. “Phil is becoming more confident, he believes in a puck.He worked on defense and teamwork, “his father notes.

Zadin has become accustomed to the new regime for the last half year. Previously, Phil had already been asleep to the chime as a capart, and had a look at his training sessions with his mom. He soon wanted Dad to shoot goals. The former Thuringian driver was a great mentor for him. Later in Pardubice and trainer.

In the last half-year Zarda the Elder became a mentor on the phone. His descendant, who had already considered a “raid” in Sweden in the previous year, opted for an overseas trip instead of development in Pardubice. “Only after the season will we sit down to the table and evaluate if it was a good decision,” says the father of the talent, who is distracting himself in the Canadian junior league.

Just judging by numbers now can be said that it was great move.Zadin scored 46 points in Halifax Mooseheads in 32 halves, playing well in the junior championship. Experts rank him among the top five in NHL clubs in the June talent auction.

Similarly high was the Czech youngster for the last time in 2000 when Rostislav Klesl drafted Columbus as the fourth in rank. “There is more competition in Canada. Filip is ambitious and takes it forward, “says Zadin senior. “He also became independent, conscious of various things, and human matures.”

But most often their debate turns to hockey. Logically, blood is not water. “Everyone as a hockey player is different,” compares formerly sophisticated technician, who now acts as an assistant in the extra-league Třinec. “Even Philip can be a plaything.He also has handsome hands, he can move one by one. And that’s a lot better guiding and rehearsing than I do. ”

That’s why Zodiac junior can dream of playing the NHL. Now he has another desire – after a medal of the World Cup of 20 years.

Meals after 11 years and 7 titles. Understanding won both a player and a manager

You can hardly find someone in the Czech volleyball field, who has raised the cup over the head for the champion of the Czech extralig eight times. In addition, seven times in the same team and still in two roles.

Five times he played the title as a player, twice as a team manager. With nearly eleven-year “service” in the Jihostroj club in České Budějovice, 51-year-old Stanislav Pochop must be very happy. But he will not add another “notch” in České Budějovice.

At the end of the year he finished in the club. He decided to leave South Bohemia and is now looking for a job in Munich, where he is moved. “I take the Jistroj as a beautiful and successful season, I was very satisfied with both the player and the manager.Few probably gain more than I did, I was in the right place at the right time, and perhaps helped a little bit, “says former Stanley-based volleyball player.

, that there were occasional work problems, but you have it in every job. However, this in no way led me to terminate the employment relationship. These reasons are really personal, with nothing to do with work, “explains Pochop, who has not yet had a specific offer for further action. “Now a few meetings are waiting for me.If you stick to the German volleyball environment, it will be good, “he says.

“It is a good language and I’m still a good Englishman in German,” admits a man who knows Spanish , because he has been playing for 14 years at the highest competition there. “So far I will try to get a coaching position, perhaps even in a youth or college team,” he adds.

However, Stanislav Pochop will not return to his graduate craft. Origin is a forest engineer. “I think I would not be able to follow up on my studies after thirty years. I have no ambition either.The current forestry profession is so distant to me that today I go to the forest just because there is calm and pleasant air, “she says with a smile. Although Pochop comes from the New Town in Moravia, one could say that he is also Jihočesko. When he returned from engagement in France in 2006, he chose České Budějovice. “At that time Miroslav Čadil from Jihostroj was the leader of the team and we talked about where I’m going to play when I’m abroad. I told him it was not decided. Then he asked me if I did not want to go back to Budějovice.After I’m really abroad, I did not think of anything other than Budějovice. I’ve been glad to Jihostroj. ”

In today’s sports environment it is often not the case that one player remains faithful to one club for so long. Although in his career he played in far better foreign teams than Jihostroj, he will not forget the action in the South of Bohemia.

“Maybe in Mallorca, we had a team really busted by celebrities. On the sport side, however, Jihostroj has given me the experience that a team of players who creates an excellent team can defeat a team full of individuality. We were always snapped and experienced players, and I know it’s already embarrassed, but we really dragged a rope. A young guy came to us here, who did a great job.At times, we could have equaled the top European teams, “he expects the former Budejovic captain.

It was far more difficult for him to change from a player position and later to be a coach assistant to the club’s office. “The activity of the manager is quite different, as I could not imagine the coach assistant. I did not know exactly what I was going to do, “recalls former Jistroy manager for five years.

Over the past few years in the managerial position, he often dashed and had to solve a number of problems that cost him a lot of time and efforts. “I’m not losing it. On the contrary, one moves on.When she has tasks she has to accomplish before she does not know how to do it. Eventually, you get the result and then that feeling of the accomplished task is fine, “admits Pochop.

In addition to the seven titles in which he was either a player or a different function, the extra blocker values ​​other things , who met him in Jihostroy for more than a decade.

“I appreciate that in two and a half people, when Vojtech Zach and a little Filip Hoch helped me, we were able to prepare Champions League matches so that have passed the evaluation of the competition delegate. Initially, it was a big task, but when I saw the way the ball looked like it was and the guys still played well, it was a satisfaction.For example, this is probably the case in ten people, “says Pochop.

These days, he will still hand over his managerial position to Jihostroy to his successor Robert Mifk. And when his time comes, he will go to Munich to look at the Jihstrup. “I will keep track of the results even on the Internet. Even though I left, I can not just cut the Jistroj out of my life. “

Biabian, Mandjeck, and Janko end up. Sparta does not count on unsuccessful foreigners

The Spartans met on a training session on Thursday, and winter training started under coach Andreas Stramaccionim, whose club owner Daniel Křetínský expressed confidence after an extremely bad autumn.

But there are no foreign acquisitions that have been coming from Letná in the summer.

It is no surprise that the leadership has just shown Mandjeck, Biabiany and Jank. p> “Their future is solved. The reason for this decision is to reduce the squad with respect to participation in a single competition in the spring season, “Sparta announced. “The club also took into account the economic complexity of their contracts.”

Even Křetínský spoke of an Austrian striker and a French wrestler in a recent extensive interview for club television.He pointed out that “one has no value in cooperating and the other has no ability to change and be a valid player.” Biabiany prematurely terminated hosting from Inter Milan. For Stramaccioni he was a monster player. According to Italian media, Sparta agreed in the summer with a clause that Biabiany would buy for a hundred million crowns when he stepped into the Champions League.

Twenty-nine-year-old Frenchman astonished at Czech speed at a fascinating pace, but he only used his only strengths in the opening two matches. In Mladá Boleslav, after its penetration and center, only one goal of the match was scored, in Kerb to Kerbr.Since September, Biabiany has been out of the question. “Still, Stramaccioni kept building on him until he lost Biabian’s place in the base line at the end of the autumn. And Marc Janko has scored two goals in the Cup against Baník and the Zlín League, but his performance in Sparta was also a leapfrog . Thirty-eight-year-old Austrian striker had little opportunity to fight against Biabian, but when he was looking at the pitch, he was sometimes uninterested.

He only played five times in the league, playing 102 minutes in total.In the basic set-up, the European League against Crvena Zvezda Belgrade was only in both matches.

Twenty-five-year-old midfielder Mandjeck will probably return to Mét where he will be hosting the summer. From the French club, Sparta bought him last year, but the Cameroonian representative was totally beside.

He was defeated in the defensive, he did not score on the pitch.From the last eight autumn rounds he struck only three matches, only four minutes in Zlín.

The first training, which started Thursday afternoon on the lower playground near the main stadium in Letná, missed the sick Josef Šural and lightly injured Ondřej Zahustel.

New faces were just Jiri Kulhanek, who hosted in Liberec in the fall, and Václav Drchal from the youth. Youssouf Dao, a 19-year-old from Côte d’Ivoire, has a chance to show up in the preparation for a year and a half in a junior squad. Zinedin Mustedanagic has also completed the hosting of the Dukla.

He helped Canada, so the Litoměřice boss is the only Czech with a medal from the World Championship

“There was a lot of work, ranging from on-site transport and accommodation to boarding to the program. This year it was more complicated in that we took care of the players’ families. In the first part of the championship, we were in charge of 45 people, then added another 60 family members. We had to devise a program for families, coordinate transport to matches, events, deal reservations. There was always a need for it, ”he described for the club website of Fišer, who has been working with Canadians since 2011.

“ It started at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial at that time. Since then I have been helping Canadians in almost all events that take place in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.Whether it was the Ivan Hlinka Memorial, the World Championship under 18, or the World Championship in Prague. from Košice to Bratislava was definitely not easy. The move itself was solved for about three months and we had several options how to do it. The players finally took the team train with the families. We had to fly to Vienna in advance and from there to move to Bratislava in order to prepare the facilities in time.There were some complications at the beginning of the trip, but we solved them over the phone and everything went well in the end, ”Fišer relieved. “Of course the Czech team, so it was not easy to stand on the other side. I really wished the Czech coach to win a medal. The guys were close to it, more in the bronze match, because Canada played the semifinals excellently. After the match, the Canadians noticed that I was a bit tossed out of the loss, and wondered how I was experiencing it.It has already happened to me in Prague, where there were also great emotions. One has to deal with it. ”Canada again experienced disappointment in the finals with the Finns, how did she lose? “Both players and their families have seen that they are disappointed in silver, they only take gold. But I have to say that no excesses, such as somewhere to break something that once happened, this time did not occur. The players took it as a fact. ”Silver also gets Fišer. “The number of medals on the spot is limited because there are a lot of people around the team. But it should arrive within a month. “

Pivot Šír says goodbye: Nobody will take my title anymore

“This is my first title and probably the last. I’m happy, nobody will take it anymore. It is an amazing, unreal feeling, ”depicted 30-year-old Šír after a tense series against Karviná, decided by a seven-meter shootout of the fifth battle in Pilsen.

Šíra, a dentist bred, spent three years in Talent jersey. Twice with the team fought silver, now it reached the top. And against Karviná, for which Zubří has ​​had a pifku for many years. “These clubs never do anything, I have fought against her since childhood. Whether for Zubri or now for Pilsen. I didn’t want to leave it to the Karvins for a second time and watch them celebrate in Pilsen, ”laughed Sir.

He is not necessarily on top at the age of thirty, but has decided to slow down.Next season he will play the fourth German league for Regensburg, a team where many Pilsen players have worked in the past. “But there is no Czech at the moment, only the assistant coach Zbyněk Veselý,” says a player who has also lived in Austria in the past.

Coming abroad will be from Pilsen, where he and his girlfriend took root. “I have a job here, we want to live here, perhaps the family will come soon. That’s why I want to slow down. Now I went from work straight to training, then to rehabilitation, at home the lady did not see me much. So we will probably gradually become Pilsen.I’m sure I’m going to cheer for the guys, we’ll stay in touch, ”he said, a bearded pivot.

After all, his talent from Talent will also be happy. Šíra with another former Zuberák Jakub Douda are in the cabin among other regular suppliers of plum brandy. “The boys are reporting, we collect orders and we bring a few liters from Moravia. This fluid path will certainly continue to work, ”Šíra blinked mischievously.

In addition to the title and two extra-league silver medals, Talent won the Czech Cup last year and also played the EHF Cup.

here is a perfect bunch, I have experienced great coaches, working facilities. It was different than in Zubri, but I do not want to compare. Anyway, thank you very much for this era.I guess I will never play the extra league again, ”he said conciliately. He waited for two years, now he says goodbye as a champion.

Orion Motocross Manager: Bartos is our icon, a pro

“We were almost home, beautiful surroundings. The track has a new owner who has invested a lot in the area and has undergone enough changes. A full grate arrived in all four cubic meters and two thousand people arrived for whom it was definitely a hit, ”said Orion manager Petr Kovář about the races. And if the Czech hockey players didn’t play bronze with Russia at the World Championship in Bratislava at the time, there would be a lot more fans coming to him.

The races had a lot of advertising, and if there wasn’t hockey, maybe the total visit would have doubled, ”Kovář calculated.Orion was represented by Petr Bartoš, who took the seventh place overall.

“He did not get the first race much, but in the second he showed that he could still do it with the best. He is fifth in the overall standings and because he is 39 and in two months he will be a veteran, so many people do not understand it, ”Kovář acknowledged.

Given Bartoš’s age and experience, the manager of Litomyšl of racers is also approaching. “When he does not fit the first race, nothing happens, I do not push him to hurt himself. Peter is our icon, he has it counted in his head and knows very well what to do because motocross feeds him, ”smiled Kovar. Orion was also represented in the MX2 class.Jonáš Nedvěd came there for eighth place.

“Jonáš had a virosis before the races and even fell down during them, which I regret. He has earned a living result and wants to move up a year next year, ”Kovář described. points mean nothing, but I had a consultation with him that he has a unique chance to finish third. He had to watch it. He has successfully passed all the exams at CTU and went to prepare for Italy, where he throws himself in full fire on motocross, so we will see, ”said Kovář Nedvěd’s situation. Despite his fall and Bartoš’s seventh position, however, Orion in Dalečín tasted the “box”.The second one, Bára Laňková, stood on top of it. Last time in Pacov she got a little bit over her fingers from Mlýnková, but now she took it and drove masterfully in front of her, ”Kovář was glad. is waiting for another episode of the Czech series in Opatov. According to Kovář, Orion has medal ambitions on both posts.

The chisel ends at the championship and flies home. Stinker should be fine

“We are so sorry for Jiri and I counted on the base,” assistant Jiří Kalous told reporters.

The chisel wounded the wound in the first preparatory game with Sweden in Znojmo at the end of April, then off to recover.

He returned to the team, played the Prague rehearsal with Canada, flew to Moscow, but was on the ice only on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Ice Palace. When the championship started, Chisel remained off the roster. The coaches kept the 23-year-old hockey player calm.

“We thought he’d get together. But unfortunately the load is so enormous that it doesn’t feel good.After the injury he is not in 100% condition and after a very thorough interview with the doctor and Jirka, we decided this way, ”Kalous said. NHL is paying more attention to brain shocks and possible long-term consequences.

another member of the Canadian-American league has been hit by health problems. Pastrňák, a 19-year-old youngster, a member of the first assault formation, did not break in the training hall with the others.However, Duiker believes that Pastrňák will play in the third match at the tournament.

“I do not want to speculate what percentage he or she will enter. We wanted to relieve him, let him get together to rest. We hope that a smaller health problem will disappear, ”Kalous said, adding that he and his colleagues in the coaching staff had prepared a backup option for the first attack.

Vladimír Vůjtek has already agreed with the assistants on the name of the goalkeeper who will stand against the Swedes.The decision was influenced by the fact that Pavel French was against the Nordic opponent a preparatory duel (7: 1), while Dominik Furch started in the goal by losing 2: 7. “We know, but we don’t want to betray anything,” Duiker repeated. “But the last duel with Sweden we want to build on, which we did very well. We will play what was true of them. “Kalous: The psyche of the players is very good

Czechs enjoy five points after winning Russia and Latvia. According to Kalous, it is an “excellent springboard” for the next few days.

“We want to win the match with Sweden, too. If we can build on previous performance, we have a chance to score.Every point in the World Championship is nice. The player’s psyche is very good, he believes. But we don’t differentiate our opponents, each championship match is difficult, as evidenced by the results of other matches. ”\ T with Latvia (4: 3 after raids).

“We made a lighter training, more combination, focused on fellows and ending. I believe that players will relax not only physically but also mentally. He is looking forward to the next match, ”Kalous said.

Czech representatives will get off on Sunday afternoon.The match with Sweden starts in the Moscow arena at 19:15 Czech time.