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Australia, then Nigeria. Football players know their rivals at the campsite in Austria

Against Australia, the Czech team will board on June 1 in Sankt Pölten, the Australian federation confirmed on its website Thursday morning. The Czech side then added that Nigeria will be playing in Nigeria on June 6, most likely in Vienna.

The Czechs have a first rival for the preparation season at the beginning of June, which is the last tournament test for the participants of the World Championship. The second opponent of Charlemagne coach Karel Jarolim will be Nigeria on June 6.

“From May 28 to June 7 we want to concentrate on Austria. First we will have Australia and Nigeria sixth.Both are very good teams, “said Jaromír Šeterle, manager of the show.

” We will live in an ideal environment about 80 kilometers from Vienna, our hosts will come to the utmost to meet us from the start of the negotiations. After a long time we will have enough space for a comprehensive training plan, two matches with high-quality opponents will of course be the imaginary peaks of our stay. ”

The Australians agreed to Hungary on June 9, training camp in Turkish Antalya.

“Matches against the Czech Republic and Hungary will provide us with an important game load as a supplement to the training plan.I am grateful to the representatives of the Australian Federation for helping us to ensure the best possible preparation for the world championship, “said coach Bert van Marwijk for the Australian Football Federation website.

Australians opposed the independent Czech Republic once, in 2000 in Teplice rejoiced from the victory 3: 1 home team.On their site, the three biggest stars of the national team of the midfielder, Vladimir Darid, the footballer of Tomas Kalas and Michael Krmencik, were selected for the three biggest stars of the national team.

The most prominent name in the Australian representation is Tim Cahill, 38, who is entering the second Millwall a chance to advance to the Premier League.

The Premiere Invitation to the National Team was received in March by Mlada Boleslav defender Aleksandar Šušnjar, football fans also know Captain Mile Jedinak (Aston Villa) and Matthew Leckie, teammate Dary from Hertha Berlin.

the championship, which begins on June 14 in Russia, was among the last to beat Honduras in a barrage between the Asian and the South American confederations.In Group C, he will play with France, Peru and Denmark.

Ranking maxima and changes. Slučka and Hermann enjoy the blast furnace

Traditionally in recent years: The beach volleyball season begins in April. But several years ago, a Florida stop at Fort Lauderdale in February was added to the world’s busy calendar. This year, the organizers did not hesitate to add a January business in the Hague.

“We had to start preparing sooner. But we are looking forward to the cycle that we have a different tournament each week, “Barbora Hermannová said at the pre-season press conference. After returning from the heated Florida, they have a match with Markéta Nausch Slová pauza for five weeks to the next tournament . Then the aforementioned merry-go-round begins.

“We will focus mainly on four-star and five-star hotels.These are priorities for us, “said Nausch Sluková, a more experienced expert. “We have about twelve in the plan,” she said.

She knows from her own experience that keeping it in the sand for eight months is almost impossible. In addition, both players admit that in the long-lasting season with several weekly downtime they also fight with psyche and motivation.

The demanding schedule is therefore divided into several cycles with camping camps abroad as well as blocks in the gym. “If there were some majors in the spring (the most prestigious five-time tournament), it would be nice,” said Nausch Sluková.

However, the Czech couple was doing well in the two opening tournaments. Fourth ended in The Hague, then overseas returned fifth. They are currently ranked fourth in the world rankings.For both volleyball players, this is a lifetime maximum. “But it’s just a number,” says Nausch Sluková.

Moreover, in the so-called Entry ranking, which takes into account the results of the current form, Hermann and Nausch Sluk are even third. It takes into account the last four of the top six results. Based on this placement, couples are then placed in the main competition or qualification.

While the Czech Beach Volleyball No. 1 is nowhere to be seen, it will be closely watched since September.

There will be another special qualifying ranking that will serve as a nomination for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.And there, Hermann and Naus Sluk certainly do not want to miss. “But there are not yet known detailed conditions,” says Simon Nausch, coach of the Czech pair.

This is the time for this year’s goals: the June tournament in Ostrava, a month later the European Championship in the Netherlands. p> “I look forward to Ostrava in particular. I think there will be a lot of friends and people, “said Hermann, who started with volleyball in Ostrava. “It will be played in Vítkovice Ironworks, which is a great space. We are curious about it, we will certainly come across a lot of friends. It will be a great atmosphere, “it looks forward to.

Brezina has broken down the short program and is the 17th figure among the figure skaters

The American Nathan Chen, with a margin of less than two points, is ahead of Russia by Mikhail Koljada.

Březina has not made a successful short program at the Olympic Games where he finished ninth in this part of the competition. “Today was not what I trained from the Olympics. I think I’ve only broken one program since then, “he told the International Federation of ISU. At Salchow, he fell too inclined and trampled his leg. “I do not take it as a big mistake. It was not something that would have been bad since the reflection, it was just that I slipped at the end of the exit, “he wrote.

Březin’s mark 78.01 is more than seven points lower than the rating, which he won at the games in Korea.From an even bigger drop he was saved by a relatively high rating of the program components and the failure of some direct rivals. On the other hand, Březin’s training colleague Chen had forgotten the Olympic collapse in a short program and this time he did not hesitate. He made a combination of a four-piece toothbrush with a triple toeloop and a four-fold flip and built the most advantageous position for Saturday’s free runs. Koljada, who fell to difficulty during the fall and did not try the four-piece lute. Even with one quad jump, he has won over 100 points and will be attacking the first world medal.

On the third place, Vincent Zhou, the junior world champion, is improving his personal record by 12 points.The fourth and fifth races would be pushed by medalists from last year’s World Championship, Chinese Jin Yang and Japanese Shom Uno.

Silver Olympic medalist Uno, who was in the absence of a title champion and Olympic winner Juzuru Hanju the biggest favorite in the short program withdrew from the usual difficulty. Unlike the ZOH, he placed only one quad jump and did not try a four flip.

The reason could have been ankle problems that did not finish Tuesday’s training. On the fifth rung, he loses about two and a half points on the medal.

There have also been ankle problems that he did not complete Tuesday’s training. “Unfortunately, I’m injured.I did not feel any pain today, but I did not know what was going to happen during the short program, so I jumped a little easier jumping, “he told reporters immediately after the ride. On the fifth rung he loses about two and a half points on the medal.

The barrage of the extralig begins in a week, culminating on April 22. Will Jagr get her?

At the beginning, Jihlava with Kladno and Litvinov matches with Karlovy Vary.

As in the past five years, the teams will compete four-wheeled with each other. It will be decided on Sunday, April 22, when the last 12 round is on the agenda. Although Jaromir Jagr collected the first 15 hockey games in the first hockey league, he still does not know whether he is fighting at all the highest competition his Kladno has secured will hit.

The knights on Tuesday won the 5: 2 playoff semifinal in Ceske Budejovice and won the 4: 1 match series. But Jagr, just as he had done in the previous days, only episodically. His stay on the ice could be counted for seconds.And with respect to his condition, he does not know if anything fundamental to the beginning of the barrage will improve.

Jagr continues to face the aftermath of the attack by the Cavier striker Mark Sikora, in which he resumed injuries in the right knee in mid-February meniscus.

“I do not know how it will happen to me if I can play. But at least I have such extra motivation not to end this season and continue to train. The pain did not allow me to train. My legs are weak to go into some skating and physical contacts. I would not have done that, and the chance that I would get hurt again is huge, “he told journalists in České Budějovice.

The 45-year-old striker, despite his medical condition, was smiling afterwards.He pointed out that Kladno had waited four seasons before he could start the extralis again. “I believe that it will give us (the victory in the series over České Budějovice) self-esteem,” he said.

Kladno will fight with Karlovy Vary, Jihlava and Litvínov. Jagr said his team has a certain advantage over Jihlava and Litvinov. “We played the last game, which some teams from the extraliga can not say. I believe he could kick us, “said the owner of the club of Kladno.

According to him, the Knights series with České Budějovice got through several aspects. These include, for example, teamwork. “We do not have it built on just one fifth, the team is well folded. We also felt we were physically very well, “he said.He added that Kladno also preferred the outsider position. Most experts considered the favorite of the České Budějovice series. “The boys motivated this,” he said.

Kratěna’s foothold helped Pilsen to win, Liberec’s Will resolved Hradec

Z Kvapila becomes an extralig play off star.

With the sixth goal, he confirmed the position of the best cannon of knockout battles, with the eighth point being the lead of the productivity table.

p> Houževnatá Olomouc vs. the handsome Pilsen is an exciting spectacle. Even in the fourth quarter, the game did not change and the game offered a dramatic drama.

David Stach, who was awarded by Ondřej Kratěna in the 25th minute, decided it. The victory of Plzensky hardened into a vacant cage Tomáš Mertl.

Without Jaroslav Bednář and with the desire to correct the poor Monday’s performance.So Hradec joined the second match on Liberec’s ice. But he was weakened by the genius recorder in the offensive phase, but the domestic on the other hand quickly showed how much he could be dangerous. Lukáš Krenželok scored at the third minute, at 5:34 then he opened the score after Bakoš’s pass Tyler Redenbach.

The Canadian skillfully directed Bakoš’s pass for the passing Hradec goalkeeper of Patrik Rybár.

At 2: 0, Patrick Maier could help raise, but he beat the stick. Nevertheless, Liberec still doubled its lead in the first third, Burier pushed forward. Kvapil’s moment came after a break, in the 24th minute he overcame Rybara for the third time and drove the Slovak goalkeeper to the cross.Jaroslav Pavelka took the place in Hradecký brankovišt.

Guests could get back to the match by chance. Will almost blamed Blaze Gregorce for his back. It was a unique moment when Hradec was in jeopardy.

On the other hand, Liberec often employed Pavelka, on the promising occasion of Dominik Lakatoš.

Only in the third period Peshan’s boys were dragged and more Hradec. But the recipe for Willa was not found. Not only because of the incompetence of his shooters, but also because of the excellent performance of the Liberec goalie.

Will also flashed at 47th minute against the striker Bedrich Kohler when he kicked the concrete at the last minute.

The end of the match was high, Oskars Cibulskis, Hradecký bek, was looking for an opponent after a fist fight.Lots of hits than the missile.

These four words perfectly illustrate what the opening third of the fourth quarter was like. Olomouc continued to rely on toughness and combat, and Pilsen strengthened the defensive against the previous matches.

And so in the first twenty minutes, the only chance to see was the bigger chance. That was when Jan Káňa, after a crossing pass from a good position, took Pilsen goalie Miroslav Svoboda into his shoulder. “I tried to make a puck and shoot, but the goalkeeper was there,” he was sorry for the home striker.

Before leaving the cabin, he explained the cautious game of Olomouc: “Playing with Pilsen up is a terrible risk. >

But the guests pushed forward despite the honest defensiveness of Zdeněk Venera’s wardens.The shortening of the second third only hit the pole, but a moment later, with a clever knocking of the puck from behind the goal, he called for David Stach to score.

The player in the 25th minute scored the upper corner of Konrád’s goal and Pilsen led.

Olomouc began to play more actively, had more shots than Straka’s squad, but there were no great opportunities. In the third period, Venera attacked, Zbrojka Irglova built Peter Strapac with Jan Knotka.

The home player offered Svoboda a goal-kick when he kicked his goal in the wrong way. Olomouc did not show anything at all.Then he had to defend himself in two Pilsen powerups, but he still paid the tightest one-point difference.

The guests defended themselves during the Olomouc game without a goalkeeper, which the homewife even overtaken with an unnecessary mistake – bad alternation and punishment for too many players on the ice.

The equalization of the hock was twice Irgl, failed.

On the other hand, Mertl won the Pilsen victory. He finished in an abandoned cage, Slovak goal keeper Branislav Konrád was only watching the game.

Baník took the regular goal of Barois, the commission said in the courts. The reproach had a derby

The Referee Commission told Královec on Tuesday night that he erroneously missed a penalty kick in the first half for Sparta at the hand of the famous Jugas while the home fouls of Štetina on Tecla overlooked the second half of the set half time. He was fortunate enough to assist him in the video, only thanks to him the duel was regular.

“Ivo Nagvornik, the assistant Ivo Nádvorník, did not sign the offensive of the visiting player number twenty-one Milan Skoda in the game before reaching the goal.” But this moment has corrected the video jury.

Thanks to the technique, Nicolae Stancia also did not pay, because the home Štetina defended goalie Kolar in the offensive and was in offside position.The committee did not comment on this.

Since last summer, the European Commission has called for the European Football Union (UEFA) not to punish the judges. However, it is likely that, for example, Martin Nenadál and his assistant Jan Paták, who managed the Saturday match of Ostrava and Dukla, will get some flames.

They have influenced the result of the match Dukla won in Ostrava 2: 1.Banik felt injured after the match, for two of his goals did not pay due to his position outside the game, and even on Monday he made an official protest.

“We are convinced that both situations were at least extremely borderline in terms of assessing the status quo,” Baník Managing Director Michal Bělák said in a statement of the club.

It is paradoxical that the commission the referees found it to be a mistake, which at first was less problematic for Ostrava, ie Milan Baroš’s goal in the 58th minute.

“On the other hand, the panel of judges concluded that at 62.minute referee assistant Jan Paták correctly signaled the domestic player number eight Dame Diop in offside because of his position and movement actively influenced the game and the hosts goalkeepers. ”

The referee’s assistant Martin Wilczek’s verdict on Friday the match between Liberec and Brno. “At 42 minutes he made a mistake when he did not sign off of home player Eighteen Matěje Pulkraba, who after taking a pass from a teammate immediately reached the goal,” said in a commissa committee of judges.

Going to play off the NHL, a few places left. Colorado or Florida can succeed

Until the 82nd round, it may not be clear who will play all this year in the NHL playoff, but after playing the full part some teams may find that the second part of the season, more importantly, escaped them one point.

St. Louis with Tarasenko and Schwartz, Calgary with Monahan and Gaudreau and Dallas with Seguin and Benn. Everybody is surprised to look back on the back of the youngest team in the league, Colorado.Avalanche owes Nathan MacKinnon in particular (64 games, 38 goals, 51 assists).

In Denver, they have not seen a better shooter since the 2002-03 season, when Milan Hejduk won 50 goals with Maurice Richard Trophy. >

“If we get to play off, I’m a clear candidate for the Hart Trophy for the most useful player. I can not imagine anyone else, “says coach Jared Bednar.

There is also no doubt about the trophy winner who, during the Colorado matches,” most valuable player “is the most valuable player ). The underestimated team has become a real playoff candidate.

This is particularly the case with Calgary, St. Louis.Louis and Dallas, for whom non-playoff was a tremendous disappointment and non-fulfillment of pre-season goals.

Nathan MacKinnon in Colorado dressed up in a real star.

it is not lost. The difference between them, Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Colorado (the teams in positions that guarantee play off) is not insurmountable.

And when have the best hockey players ever show that the stickers really belong to them? The time is right now, and MacKinnon realizes it. From the beginning of March, he has collected eighteen (!) Points in nine games, Tarasenko in only six matches, Monahan only five. And so the mutual encounters of these teams will be even more interesting with increasing pressure.In subsequent weeks Anaheim will compete with Calgary, Dallas and Los Angeles or Colorado with St. Louis. Louis and Los Angeles. Eastern Florida

Florida is one of the teams that did not play off. But Panthers have won the last 22 games and if they continue, they can easily skip New Jersey and tread on the heels of Columbus and Philadelphia.

The Florida story slightly resembles Colorado. Leader Aleksander Barkov is the first hockey player with a junior panther in the last ten years, which in one season exceeded seventy points.Last time, another Finnish player Olli Jokinen proved it.

“Can anyone get another 70 points to be not Fin?” Barkov asks. “It was a joke,” she says.

Also, the reaction of the opponents supports the extraordinaryness of the Florida striker. “Barkov? Oh, man, hell, that guy is God, “said Marc-André Fleury on the All-Star Game. Florida sparkled a spark, as Nick Bjugstad’s striker said, and has been feeding her above-average. It will not be easy, however, Columbus is experiencing the eighth-time winning streak, New Jersey has boosted powerfully, which has secured all the prerequisites for success.

The Philadelphia still remains unmatched for Petra Mrázek the return of injured Neuvirth and Elliot.If it does not come back soon, the easier way to play off could go right through it.

The NHL ends on April 8th, until then the NHL will show the most interesting of the base. Play off. And not everyone will be happy.

Day 10: Bronze Erban, hockey players moved to the quarterfinals

Czech hockey players have won Group A and are heading straight into the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament. In the last match Switzerland beat 4: 1 and continue in Kangnung without defeat. ( More about the match between Czech Republic and Switzerland )

The Czechs will be the winners of the duel between the USA in the quarterfinals, which will take place Wednesday at 4:10 CET and Slovakia. In the second round of Group A, the Koreans, who succumbed to Canada 0: 4, came out for the second time in a row, with Jandova’s team celebrating the best of three in Russia, Norway and Slovenia. The maple leaves are the first in the minitabulle of the second teams, the direct advance to the quarterfinals so they have certainty. The same can be said of the Swedes who dominated the Scandinavian derby by winning Finn 3: 1 and dominated the group table C.The Germans played Norway 2: 1 after the raids.

Two Czechs hit a massive biathlon race. Ondřej Moravec was in fourth place before the last shot, but he had to go to the penalty lap, and he started to fall in the final cross-country. He eventually reached the 11th place, which is his best performance in this year’s games. Michal Krčmář was not successful at the shooting range, he circled five penalty wheels and took the 26th place.

The second gold in Pyongyang was won by Frenchman Martin Fourcade. The final photophinist of the duel with the German Schempp decided.The third was Nor Svendsen. (Read detailed reports here )

The best performance under five circles was recorded in giant slalom Filip Forejtek. The 20-year-old debutant finished as the only Czech quartet in the first round, in the second he then improved to the 31st overall. The second gold in career is celebrated by Austrian Marcel Hirscher. ( More about the race here )

A 4×10 km cross country ski run took over sixteen years of Norway’s representatives. Czech clover Aleš Razým, Martin Jaks, Petr Knop and Michal Novák reached the tenth. ( More about the race here )

After the first day of the Olympic Bobby Competition, the German double bobbage with pilot Nico Waltther leads. Dvorak and Nosk are on the 14th and Vrba with Havlín on 23rd. More about the race )

The Olympics also tackles the second doping offense. According to Russian media, the Russian curler Alexandr Krušelniki, who won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games, was tested positively for the forbidden meldonium. (More about the doping case)

Russian curler Krušelniki had a positive doping test

“The leadership of our delegation received an official report from the International Olympic Committee on a possible anti-doping rule violation. We will not publish the name of the athlete until sample B is opened, which we expect over the next 24 hours, “Konstantin Vybornov, spokesperson for the campaign of neutral Russian athletes, told the media.

The Arbitration Court for Sport did not want the case to be asked by AFP comment. After a positive A sample test, sample B should be opened on Monday at Krušelnický Presence. “I do not know anything about it,” quoted Curlera daily Sport-Express.

“Alexander took that medicine until 2016 before being banned. Not since then. At world championships in 2016 and 2017 he was tested and no problems were encountered.I hope this is a mistake, “said coach of Russian curlers Dimitri Melnikov.

World champions of 2016 Krušelniki and Bryzgalov beat the bronze Tuesday in the Olympic premiere of the curling mix 8: 4 Norway.

Since 2016, meldonium, which improves regeneration and stamina, is on the list of prohibited substances. Because of its use, Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has been distanced for 15 months.

Russian athletes have been excluded from the ZOH in Pchjongchang because of the systematic doping of the previous games in Sochi, but invited athletes start in Korea as neutral.The IOC has promised Russia that if it does not commit further anti-doping violations, it will be able to board its own flag and national colors at the ceremony on Sunday, February 25.

The International Olympic Committee has stated that if Krušelnický doping confirmed, it will be dealt with by a special commission for Russian athletes. “On the one hand, there is an extraordinary disappointment that the use of a prohibited substance is apparent, but it shows the effectiveness of the anti-doping system at the Olympic Games, which protects the rights of pure athletes,” said the MOV spokesman.

the case in Pyongyang was handled by the Japanese short-lane shortcut Kei Saito, who did not pass the non-competition check for the acetazolamide diuretic.It was tested before the game started, it did not hit the competitions.

Downhill? I would like to, but … Ledecká will switch to snowboard after a day off

Originally, she intended to run on the “planks” straight after the race. “But the training is canceled. They have to pick up some gold, “said Justin Reiter, American snowboard coach Ledecká.

He naturally watched the experience of a difficult class on Saturday. “That’s one hundred percent of Ester,” he said. “They all overwhelmed. The way she attacks…From the beginning to the end it was her. I can hardly be proud of it. ”

Reitera also surrounded the world’s agencies, the story of potential champions in two different sports exceeds the usual limits. “The Olympics are woven precisely from such stories,” Reitera said. He did not have to be born, the last leap of Ledecká did just so: “But she managed it.Thanks to your heart and thanks to what you can do on snowboards. ”

And we are here: Ledecká can handle both of its central skills synergistically. “I’ve definitely taken the snow on snowboarding,” she said after the golden ride. “I stood at the start and said, OK, you are here, this was your dream. Last time you were at the Olympics just on a snowboard, you’re standing on the skis. Show off the best you can. ”

Next time, it can be a lot harder – all of a sudden everyone knows what this 22-year-old Czech is capable of. “There was a lot of pressure on the girls-specialists, that’s my advantage,” she agreed.

On the other hand, the potential has been fully revealed.And alpine skiing is definitely more prestigious. “Perhaps Tomas (Bank) will console me on the congress,” Ledecká said after a medal ceremony. “If it was to me, of course I was going all. But the schedule just will not let me. It would be theoretically done, but I also owe something to snowboarding. “The idea of ​​going to the final of the race on Wednesday and joining snowboarders on Thursday is also a big sci-fi like Ledeck, which usually breaks the boundaries relatively often.

Especially when he usually needs “switching” for at least two days. “From my point of view, it is easier to move from the board to speed disciplines, because the arc is slower, swollen.In the envelope it is sweeter and finds the optimal movement pattern, it takes a while, “says physiotherapist Jakub Marek.

That’s why the STR team already planned to move from Čongson, the golden ski center towards Phoenix Snow Park, the venue for snowboard disciplines.

“We are waiting for three days of good training,” Reiter said; Sunday was supposed to be a bridging due to the unexpected duties of the previous day, Ledecká finally got her free.

She was long sleeping, having a late lunch, waiting for her work with a physiotherapist. just take a ride. Let’s go downhill, we’ll work on the technique. Because Ester obviously knows how to race. We get slowly into our routine, this is our mantra.We are looking forward to it, “Reiter said.

The Olympic champion’s passion for both her sports is virtually equivalent.

” I have been doing so for so long, so I hope I know how she does, “she said. The main triumph towards the second potentially golden race is how the “board” can shine. “By snowboarding I take the speed of skiing. I’m not afraid of it. ”

Those opponents should be afraid. Ledecká is greedy in collecting triumphs.