Brezina has broken down the short program and is the 17th figure among the figure skaters

The American Nathan Chen, with a margin of less than two points, is ahead of Russia by Mikhail Koljada.

Březina has not made a successful short program at the Olympic Games where he finished ninth in this part of the competition. “Today was not what I trained from the Olympics. I think I’ve only broken one program since then, “he told the International Federation of ISU. At Salchow, he fell too inclined and trampled his leg. “I do not take it as a big mistake. It was not something that would have been bad since the reflection, it was just that I slipped at the end of the exit, “he wrote.

Březin’s mark 78.01 is more than seven points lower than the rating, which he won at the games in Korea.From an even bigger drop he was saved by a relatively high rating of the program components and the failure of some direct rivals. On the other hand, Březin’s training colleague Chen had forgotten the Olympic collapse in a short program and this time he did not hesitate. He made a combination of a four-piece toothbrush with a triple toeloop and a four-fold flip and built the most advantageous position for Saturday’s free runs. Koljada, who fell to difficulty during the fall and did not try the four-piece lute. Even with one quad jump, he has won over 100 points and will be attacking the first world medal.

On the third place, Vincent Zhou, the junior world champion, is improving his personal record by 12 points.The fourth and fifth races would be pushed by medalists from last year’s World Championship, Chinese Jin Yang and Japanese Shom Uno.

Silver Olympic medalist Uno, who was in the absence of a title champion and Olympic winner Juzuru Hanju the biggest favorite in the short program withdrew from the usual difficulty. Unlike the ZOH, he placed only one quad jump and did not try a four flip.

The reason could have been ankle problems that did not finish Tuesday’s training. On the fifth rung, he loses about two and a half points on the medal.

There have also been ankle problems that he did not complete Tuesday’s training. “Unfortunately, I’m injured.I did not feel any pain today, but I did not know what was going to happen during the short program, so I jumped a little easier jumping, “he told reporters immediately after the ride. On the fifth rung he loses about two and a half points on the medal.

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