Baník took the regular goal of Barois, the commission said in the courts. The reproach had a derby

The Referee Commission told Královec on Tuesday night that he erroneously missed a penalty kick in the first half for Sparta at the hand of the famous Jugas while the home fouls of Štetina on Tecla overlooked the second half of the set half time. He was fortunate enough to assist him in the video, only thanks to him the duel was regular.

“Ivo Nagvornik, the assistant Ivo Nádvorník, did not sign the offensive of the visiting player number twenty-one Milan Skoda in the game before reaching the goal.” But this moment has corrected the video jury.

Thanks to the technique, Nicolae Stancia also did not pay, because the home Štetina defended goalie Kolar in the offensive and was in offside position.The committee did not comment on this.

Since last summer, the European Commission has called for the European Football Union (UEFA) not to punish the judges. However, it is likely that, for example, Martin Nenadál and his assistant Jan Paták, who managed the Saturday match of Ostrava and Dukla, will get some flames.

They have influenced the result of the match Dukla won in Ostrava 2: 1.Banik felt injured after the match, for two of his goals did not pay due to his position outside the game, and even on Monday he made an official protest.

“We are convinced that both situations were at least extremely borderline in terms of assessing the status quo,” Baník Managing Director Michal Bělák said in a statement of the club.

It is paradoxical that the commission the referees found it to be a mistake, which at first was less problematic for Ostrava, ie Milan Baroš’s goal in the 58th minute.

“On the other hand, the panel of judges concluded that at 62.minute referee assistant Jan Paták correctly signaled the domestic player number eight Dame Diop in offside because of his position and movement actively influenced the game and the hosts goalkeepers. ”

The referee’s assistant Martin Wilczek’s verdict on Friday the match between Liberec and Brno. “At 42 minutes he made a mistake when he did not sign off of home player Eighteen Matěje Pulkraba, who after taking a pass from a teammate immediately reached the goal,” said in a commissa committee of judges.

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